👊personal training tips for all my desk peeps out there..

stop scrolling for a second.

Why are you so hunched over, reading your phone?

Sit up.

Straighten up.

Pull your shoulders back. Squeeze your abs.

Just kidding, this isn’t a posture check.

Although, someone asked me yesterday, “Can the gym fix my posture?”

I loved that they asked me this question.

I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years working with busy adults trying to get out of pain without missing the gym or surgery, anytime I get questions that are about injuries, corrective exercises, and just all things rehab in general – it just makes me happy to nerd out for a quick minute.

The answer was a very loud and clear – YES!

Your posture sucks because of a few main reasons:

  • we are all desk athletes these days (spend most of our days sitting at a desk)
  • we spent most of our young adulthood sitting at desks in schools
  • our activity level drastically decreases as we get older
  • we’re weak as heck on our backside, and tight as heck on our front side musculature
  • we don’t warm-up properly when we do decide to move

Quite literally, I can go on and on with that list.

On the contrary, here’s why being in the gym can fix your posture:

  • you learn how to move your body through proper movement patterns
  • you learn how to activate little muscle groups that are necessary to control your body
  • you build strength down your backside, and loosen up your front side
  • you build strength that’s relative to your postural positions
  • you build strength through your trunk, which will help you stay rigid, and upright

and many, many other ways, but I won’t bore you.

The best place to do this?

In our 1-on-1 personal training or small group personal training (2-4 people).

And that’s because we can write a totally individualized program for you, and whatever specific needs and goals that you have.

Even if your goal is to have better posture.

(which, everyone should, because there you are again – slouching as you’re slumped over your phone reading this!)

If you want to geek out about how we can get you feeling better while you’re at work, hit reply and let’s talk about it.

And, if I can’t help you — I know a real great physiotherapist who can.


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