Do You Have An Accountability Partner?


Let’s talk accountability partners.


Studies show who you surround yourself with affects your lifestyle choices more than you know.


According to a recent large-scale study having a friend who is obese increases your risk of obesity by 57% and having a spouse who is obese increases your risk by 37%.


Why? Habits rub off on each other. It’s much easier to skip a workout when you want to spend time at home with a loved one or order the pizza regularly if someone else is always asking.


Ensuring you have a circle of people next to you who are a positive influence is KEY.


I enjoy working out and eating healthy, it makes me feel good.


Do I have a treat once in a while? Absolutely.


Recently my wife and I decided we were going to cut alcohol for a month. She mentioned she was going to do it so I jumped on board. Don’t get me wrong, we love our wine but it was becoming a habit and part of our routine to have a glass almost every night.


Because we both are doing it, it’s much easier to not be tempted to open a good bottle of wine that’s sitting in our wine cooler.


Is your significant other on board with the lifestyle choices you want? Are you a positive influence on the people around you?


You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most. Choose wisely.


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