Should You Get Surgery For A Meniscus Tear?

Do you have a meniscus tear?

Have you been advised to get arthroscopic surgery to fix it?

Before you do consider that undergoing that surgery puts you at a greater risk for needing a knee replacement.

📚A recent study showed that those who underwent arthroscopic partial meniscectomy (minimally invasive removal of tears) were at a significantly greater risk of getting a total knee replacement than the general population.

🦵The leg with history of meniscectomy was at 300% higher risk than contralateral leg

👩Women were at 2x greater risk than men

🤔So what does this mean?

The information brought to light by this study shows us that we need to exhaust conservative options for the care of meniscus tears. Current practice guidelines strongly support conservative management (PT, exercise etc) and discourage surgery for degenerative meniscus tears.

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