What is Scaling?


What is Scaling?

CrossFit is for EVERYONE. Young athletes, injured athletes, grandparents, pregnant women, obese and sick people, all have seen amazing results using the CrossFit program correctly. CrossFit CAN and SHOULD be used by everyone to develop general fitness and health. My definition of CrossFit is simple, CrossFit is constantly varied exercise. CrossFit can include anything you or your coach want – yoga, biking, swimming, weightlifting, you name it, it’s all CrossFit.


This is the most important aspect of scaling. The term “intensity” is adjusted according to the ability and limitations of the athlete. What is “intense” for you may not be “intense” for me. A CrossFit trainer is trained and educated On how to properly modify the workout for the day to allow everyone to reach the intended stimulus. This allows us to have an amazing diversity in our daily group classes. At CrossFit One Life, we have 16 year-olds working out next to 75 year-olds. This is the value of belonging to a CrossFit gym. Having a professional to tailor a workout specific to you is what will allow you to thrive and see results in the gym. Settling for exercise machines because of age or injury is simply an excuse that can be avoided with proper guidance.


Ring Rows instead of Pullups.
Rowing instead of Running.
10 reps instead of 15.
3 rounds instead of 5.

Whether you’re doing pullups or ring rows, rowing or running, the most important thing is that you are being equally challenged for that day. Different abilities will have people doing “different” things, but the feeling they have throughout the workout is going to be similar.


CrossFit trainers teach and progress their athletes in a prioritized fashion:


This simply means that when you start at a CrossFit gym, you will slowly add intensity as your body learns to safely perform the movements. Mechanics means that you can properly demonstrate the movements for that given workout. Consistency means that you are able to have good form for multiple reps of the movement. Intensity should only be chased when an athlete can safely demonstrate the movement over and over again. Sticking to this charter will allow athletes to have long and positive experiences with CrossFit.


We are diligent to always remind our athletes that there is no rush. “It takes time” everyone has heard me say a million times. The goal is to be slightly better than yesterday, not chase down the best athlete in the gym. If you can improve a little every day, you’re going to see results. Focus on YOU. Get more consistent at moving exceptionally well. You don’t need fancy exercises to get fitter. You need to master the basics.

Don’t be afraid to try. Be afraid of regret.




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