What Would Your Life Be Like If You Committed To Your Health For One Year?

As a busy business owner and a parent of 2 year old twins, things always “come up,” and it’s easy to put my health to the back burner. You might think as a gym owner, with my office inside the gym, there are no excuses. Well, like most of you, I found myself making them. Before January 2019, for the first year that my kids were born, I was averaging eight workouts per month, I was sleeping less than 5 hours, I was sick every month, and I had back pain daily. I felt like crap!

It wasn’t just about the number of workouts; the lack of exercise affected everything for me. I wasn’t sleeping great; I wasn’t focusing on eating healthy, my mood wasn’t the best, I had low energy levels, the list could go on. Because I didn’t make time for myself, everything else was suffering.

Our lives are busy, and we are pulled in a million directions between work, home, kids, family, friends, etc. It’s easy to put your health to the side, but it affects more than you realize, including those around you and closest to you.

Maybe you exercise regularly, but you struggle with healthy eating. Perhaps you typically eat pretty well but you don’t make time to exercise. Both of these things play a role in optimal health.

The truth is, nothing will change if your behaviors don’t change. If you want to see results, you have to take action. Sorry, there is no magic pill that replaces hard work! 😉

It doesn’t mean change everything; it means you need to change something! 

In January 2019, I decided something needed to change. I set a goal to get more sleep and eat healthy. It worked.

Here are two things that I can attribute to making the change stick for good:

#1: Tracking

We track workouts at One Life through a software called Sugarwod. It’s easy for me to see how many active days I had each month. I tracked every month through Sugarwod and kept a close eye to make sure I was going to hit my goal. Since making that goal, I have hit that number every single month. I also downloaded the Sleep Cycle App and started tracking my sleep – both the amount and the quality. I felt more energized and less tired.

Tracking your progress gives you objective data. Seeing success and reaching a goal gives you more motivation to continue. Achieving goals and seeing consistent progress is why we track workouts and client’s progress through our InBody machine. Seeing body fat decrease and muscle mass increase lets you know that all your hard work is paying off!

#2: Support

I’m a firm believer in having a strong support system around you. Sharing your goals with the people around you will help you stay accountable. I shared my goal with my wife. I told her I was going to get to bed by 10:30 each night that I was home. It worked!

I’m telling you this because we all struggle. We get busy, and priorities change, but until you adjust your behaviors, you will not see results.

Imagine what your life would be like if you committed to making your health a priority. I’m not talking about a challenge; I’m talking about committing to yourself to take control of your health through nutrition and exercise.

If you are thinking, I don’t even know where to start; we want to help.

Book a free intro and come in to talk to us. If it’s your first time at One Life, we will even give you a free InBody scan ($45 value) so that you have an accurate baseline of where you are starting.

Stop making excuses and start taking action! 

Are you ready to make 2020 the best year ever? Let us help!

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