An easy 3-step plan for the rest of 2024 from the best personal trainer in Glen Cove

Everyone knows the New Year is all about resolutions and goals.

But I want to talk to you about small steps instead.

I know—small steps aren’t as sexy as major lifetime achievements.

But I think small steps are actually more important.

When people set big goals, they often don’t have a plan to achieve them.

The goals are inspiring, and I always love hearing about them, but a coach must be focused on the small steps that result in steady, consistent, daily progress toward big goals.

I’m hyper-focused on incremental gains.

Think about getting 1 percent better every day—you’ll be somewhere great in 365 days if that happens.

So I can’t hear about a health or fitness goal without immediately formulating a detailed plan to accomplish it.

That plan always starts with just a few small steps.

Take this goal, for example: “I want to lose 25 pounds this year.”

Or this one: “I want to bench-press 200 pounds this year.”

Or even this one: “I want to add 5 pounds of muscle in 2024.”

These are big goals, and when I look at them, my mind starts drawing up tactical, day-by-day plans to accomplish them.

I can’t help it.

I get into the details fast, and I have to stop myself from jotting down precise workout schedules, daily training plans, and nutrition tips.

Let’s be clear: I’m not ignoring the goal.

I’m just focusing on the exact steps to accomplish it.

It’s the same way I’d address a travel plan if someone said, “I want to visit the other side of the world.”

Well, we’d have to pack, book flights, renew passports—and eventually we’d also have to take a single first step out the door toward the destination.

That’s where you come in this year.

I’ve got the skills, knowledge, and experience to make a precise plan to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals in 2024, and I get excited when I think about helping you move forward.

I want to start ASAP!

Here’s Small Step 1 of the master plan, whether you’re currently a client or not: Share your 2024 goal with me.

Small Step 2: Talk with me about how we’ll accomplish your goal.

This part is easy: We’ll just book a time to chat, and I’ll lay out an exact plan.

Small Step 3: Start moving.

I’m going to get the entire plan in place day by day, workout by workout.

No guesswork, no confusion.

You just have to show up and check the boxes, and we’ll talk about your progress all along the way.

I’ll be there to provide feedback, encouragement, and accountability.

These are the small steps toward goals in 2024—no matter how big they are.

I’ll start the New Year by asking you to take the first small step toward your goal right now: Click here and schedule a Free No Sweat Intro to come into the gym and chat.



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