Are You Working Out Too Hard To See Results?

Professional athletes don’t go 100% all the time, especially not in training or during practice, so why should you?

Professionals use the offseason to make adjustments and improvements so they can get better.

They ramp up in training camp to get ready for the season.

In season it’s usually about maintenance in terms of health and fitness.

And then they try to peak for the playoffs.

Then they give EVERYTHING they have for the playoffs/championship run.

When the season is over they dial it back and get to training again, focusing on getting better.

Fitness Training

Most of us are always in the off season so we should be training (getting better) and not competing (trying to win).

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So what are some things we can do to avoid burn out, injury, and the 100% effort on every workout mentality?

1. Make the conscious decision to modify or scale back the workouts 1-2x per week. I can typically do our workouts as written but I choose to use a lighter weight a few days each week to get a more enjoyable workout.

2. If you workout 5 days a week, workout 3-4 instead (or do some low intensity cardio or walks outside of class on those extra days).

3. If you usually try to go as hard as possible every workout try to simply move and sweat. Make the conscious decision to not go 100%. You aren’t being lazy and you aren’t wasting your time, trust me!

Most important, you’re still getting an amazing workout, you’re still building consistency and when it comes time for you to push yourself, you’ll feel better and progress faster.



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