How to Escape a Negative Head Space


How to Escape a Negative Head Space 


We have all been there. You are gearing up for a workout, and you begin to hear that little voice in your head, “Ugh, power cleans? I am so bad at those.” These negative thoughts may seem small, but they have the potential to completely destroy your workout. For many, a gym is a place where you can leave the world’s problems at the door and concentrate on your personal growth. It is crucial that you can compartmentalize these negative thoughts and instead, give yourself the positivity you need to progress.


1. Start the Morning on a Positive Note


Successful athletes often have a routine that places them in a positive mindset at the start of each day. For some, meditation is part of their routine. For others, it may be watching a funny video or having a peaceful moment with some coffee. There is no ‘right’ way to start your day off right, but the key is making time to do it. Take just a few moments each morning to do something that makes you happy or will improve your day somehow. Personally, I love to read and reflect on an inspirational quote each day.


2. Disconnect at the Gym


I don’t mean disconnecting from yourself but literally, disconnect by leaving your phone in your gym bag. For most people, you can go one hour without being tethered to your cell phone. This time is for you to focus on yourself. It can be rather freeing when you don’t have to check your text messages or emails for a set amount of time each day.


3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others


When you train at a successful gym like Invictus, it can be rather intimidating and also skew your perspective on your strength improvement. With so many incredibly strong athletes around, it can be easy to start feeling insecure. “Am I lifting enough? Why am I not as strong as him/her?” Gauge your progress on your own lifts instead of comparing yourself to others. Keeping a journal and writing your lifts down can give you some amazing perspective on just how far you have come.


4. Lean On Others


Sometimes you may not be able to dig yourself out of a negative place. The great part about CrossFit is the sense of community and support. I find that when I am having a stressful day, being around other motivated and positive people is just what I need to get back in gear. Talk to other people in your class, speak to your coach, even connect with people outside of the gym. Building strength in yourself is a fantastic way to build strong relationships with others, which can help keep you in a positive place.


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