How To Lose Weight

How To Lose Weight

This is the age old question! How to lose weight? Type it into a Google search query and let the fun begin.

You will get inundated with multiple workout routines that promise amazing results in as little time as possible.

Keep digging and everyone is an expert when it comes to dieting options. There are shake diets, weight loss pills, carb only diets, fat only diets, protein only diets. The list goes on and on.

Many come through our doors wondering if we can answer their question of “how to lose weight?”

Here is what we believe.

1. Like many goals in life, there are no quick fixes in weight loss.

Do some of our clients lose weight faster than others? Yes!

But what we really focus on is many small and consistent changes over time. At CrossFit One Life, we fight against the “magic pill” effect that promises drastic results in as little time as possible.

For some clients, it took them 20, 30 & even 40 years to get where they are. Why is it realistic that such habits can be changed in the next 30 days?

2. Lack of nutritional knowledge when it comes to weight loss

The foods we eat, the amount we eat and the time of day we eat are very important when it comes to weight loss.

At CrossFit One Life we recognize that nutrition is the most important factor when it comes to any health & fitness related goal. Over 80% of our Private Coaching Clients are on our Nutrition Program as well.

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. We have had the most success with clients that come to this realization.

We teach our clients to eat real, whole foods. Foods such as meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds, some starch, no sugar. We keep food intake to a level that supports their exercise level but not body fat. Our clients shop the perimeters of their local grocery and avoid processed foods in the center aisles.

3. Exercise’s role in how to lose weight

Often times the public just gets bored with their fitness routine. To achieve a change in the body such as weight loss, routine is the enemy.

We constantly want to introduce new stimuli to force our bodies to adapt accordingly. Often that adaptation results in weight loss and muscle gains.

Our clients perform all the major lifts such as pulling, pressing & squatting. They perform gymnastic movements at levels equivalent to their capabilities.

Our clients all run, row, jump rope as well as other aerobic activities.

Mixing up the movements in as many combinations as possible is key for weight loss.

Routine is the enemy and relative intensity is the key.

So if you are still asking yourself how to lose weight, the answer is…..Nutrition Coaching & CrossFit.




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