Lenny’s Lost 15 Pounds Of Fat In 25 Days At One Life With Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

Lenny’s progress in only 25 days speaks volumes:

✅Shed 15 pounds of fat
💪🏻Gained 6 pounds of muscle
✅Reduced overall body fat by 5%

Meet Lenny, a determined 59-year-old retired pharmacist and family man who faced various challenges, including lumbar fusion, spinal stenosis, and lower body weakness over the past decade. Despite seeking help from renowned institutions like HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery) and working with multiple physical therapists, he felt stuck and wasn’t getting the results he aspired to achieve.
Lenny’s journey led him to One Life, and the results have been incredible. He’s on a customized fitness regimen with our exceptional Coach Patti, strength training three days a week. In addition, he’s following a nutrition plan tailored to his unique needs as a type 1 diabetic, which has yielded successful results.

Lenny, hopefully, you’re reading this commitment and dedication are truly commendable. We’re elated to have you with us, and we want you to know that this is just the beginning of your incredible journey! Keep up the fantastic work!

If you’re inspired by Lenny’s story and ready to embark on your own path to health and wellness, book a free no sweat intro consultation here to sit down and talk with one of our experts. We’re here to support you every step of the way. ❤️💪


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