Life Is All About Deposits


Life is all about deposits.

This has been an email topic I’ve wanted to write about for quite some time now. This week and today seem like the perfect time.


The word deposit usually relates to money and someone’s bank account. This is definitely true for me too. But what is a deposit really? A deposit is an investment, once again, that normally relates to money and saving for when we need it. We can keep making deposits or investments until our accounts grow, or, we can choose to keep making withdrawals until we are left with nothing.


A lot of you have heard me talk about always doing or choosing the “right” thing regardless of the repercussions it may have on myself, or potentially anyone around me to a certain extent, both for positive and/or negative. On top of this, I’ve started to also look at each and every decision as a deposit or a withdrawal. Every time I kiss my wife and kids and tell them that I love them I’m making a deposit for my family (the #caputogang), every time I get something new for the gym I’m making a deposit for my business, the members, and my team, every time I workout I’m making a deposit for both myself but also my family (remember, if you or I aren’t healthy or around in 10 to 20 years for them, what good are we?), every time I put money into my account I’m making a deposit. On the opposite end, I could choose to do none of these things and just keep making withdrawals and be left with nothing, but I like making (f-bomb ing) deposits and I hate making withdrawals.


Make the deposits for you, make them for your family, make them for your friends, make them for your health, but just keep making more deposits than withdrawals and you’ll be better for it.


Email me back at, let me know what was the last and most important deposit you made.


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