Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, or Group Fitness: Choosing the Right Training Option for Busy Adults

One Life first started with personal training. In fact, I started training my best friend who would later open One Life with me.

In 2009, we added group training.

A few years later, we added semiprivate (2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 training).

Now our clients choose group training, semi-private or private based on their schedule, budget and training requirements.

What’s best for you? Here’s how to choose:

Private Training

You’re 1:1 with a coach. You have full control over:

Your schedule
How often you attend
Your training plan (your coach will build it specifically for you)
Your exercises and modifications
The coach’s full, undivided attention
Your privacy in the gym.
Choose 1:1 if you don’t like working out with others; if you have special training considerations or goals; or your schedule frequently changes.

Semiprivate Training

You’re working on your own program, others are working on their own program, and you’re sharing a coach with 1-3 others. Almost all of the benefits of 1:1 training at a slightly lower rate than 1:1.

You have full control over:

Your training plan (your coach will build it specifically for you)
Your exercises and modifications
How often you attend.
You have some flexibility with:

Your schedule
Your privacy in the gym.
The coach’s full attention (it rotates from person to person, but it’s there when you need it.)

Group Training

Group training is for those seeking general fitness in a coached setting at a lower rate than private training.

Group training is 1:4 clients, and up to 1:15. A coach will help you stay motivated and correct any movement problems. Group training is a fun and less expensive way to be coached.

Your coach will control:

Your training plan (you’ll train for general fitness, using the same programming as others in the group)
Your exercises and modifications
Your privacy in the group.
You will have some flexibility over:

Which groups you attend
How often you attend
The coach’s attention (though you’re in a group, you’ll still receive a little 1:1 attention to keep you moving safely and efficiently.) And you can always ask for help at any point.

Which is best for you: private, semi-private or group?

Choose 1:1 if you’re new to working out; don’t like exercising in groups; or prioritize your schedule over everything else.

Choose semiprivate if you have specific needs (like training for a competition or coming back after an injury); prefer some flexibility in your schedule; or like being around your buddies, but not a big group.

Choose group if you just want a great workout without specific goals; have a set schedule to your day; or prioritize your budget over everything else.

Everyone deserves to be fit. The fastest path to fitness is with a coach to teach, motivate and keep you accountable. One Life is Glen Coves’ most experienced fitness coaching facility, and we’d love to help you change your life!

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