What Results Can I Expect To See?

It’s a very common question. The one everyone wants to know the answer to.

“What kind of results can I expect to see?”

We’ve had people completely transform their lives in under 6 months and people who “find their place” and become members for 5+ years.

And then there are others who can’t seem to find the consistency in their lives and fall off. 

The tricky part is that it’s largely up to you as we only get to see you a few hours per week. 

I believe that we provide the best tools for success, and I don’t mean shiny brand name equipment, even though we do have that stuff. I mean the framework for success.

Coaches who are invested in your success – who explain the intentions of each workout, modify and scale appropriately for each individual, and keep a close eye on your movement. A culture of hard work and positivity, that will always be there for someone when they need it. An environment that makes fitness fun and part of your day that you look forward to. Not something you dread doing and feel like you need to do because you hate your body. Nutrition coaching is built on the philosophy of eating real food and making mindful choices that fit your lifestyle and goals. Not quick “fixes” that really don’t fix anything long-term, not regimented meal plans so strict that you’ll never be able to attend a social function ever again, and most certainly not built around the latest development in the supplement industry.

We do the basics, and we do them well.

And that’s our goal for you, too.

Learn basic movement patterns essential for human activity. Gradually get stronger and fitter and eat in a way that supports who you want to be. Get educated on nutrition and have someone in your corner for accountability until you need them less and less over time.

There’s been a very common occurrence over the last year with people who have not been “gym people” before, maybe had a lot of hesitation in signing up, or really didn’t believe they could do it but decided to try anyway. That occurrence is trusting the coaches when it came to the one thing that will make the most difference.

Just. Show. Up.

It’s too dark and cold. It’s raining. I’m tired. I’m sore. I have to work late. I have to be up early. 

The list can, and will, go on forever if you let it.

You can’t let it. Just show up. Form the habit. Get over the hump.

We know that a good dose of fitness most days of the week just makes life better. We feel better, think more clearly, and carry more confidence.

So when someone asks “what kind of results can I expect to see?”

My answer is always “It depends.” What kind of results do you want to see? And what are you willing to do to work toward them?



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