12 Things About Nutrition You Need To Relearn

Here are 12 things about nutrition you need to relearn:

1) Breakfast becomes the LEAST important meal of the day when it consists of bread, cereals, bagels, and lattes. Structure it around protein instead of processed carbs and sugar.

2) Stay away from inner aisles at grocery stores. Packaged sugar is literally more addictive than cocaine. Stick to the outer loop of the grocery stores. It’s where you’ll find the real food.

3) Constant snacking isn’t keeping your metabolism high but it may be why you’re always hungry. A lot of people that eat smaller meals tend to overeat because they’re never satisfied and always snacking. It’s okay to eat bigger meals less often.

4) Fruit juices aren’t healthy. “100% juice” is 100% garbage. Eat the fruit, it contains more vitamins, minerals, fiber, and will keep you full longer.

5) Vegetable oils have nothing to do with vegetables. They’re highly inflammatory and are in EVERYTHING processed. Cook with healthy fats like avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil instead.

6) Foods that are labeled “heart-healthy” or “natural” usually aren’t either. They’re marketing tactics designed to make you THINK they’re healthy. Natural doesn’t mean organic and can naturally be crap.

7) “Low-fat” products are usually another marketing tactic meaning they substituted sugar or artificial sweeteners for fat. Again, more crap.

8) Food quality matters. Yes, a calorie is a calorie generally speaking when it comes to losing weight but not when it comes to your mood and how you feel. If you eat hot garbage you will feel like hot garbage.

9) If you have an energy problem caffeine isn’t the answer. Sure, coffee in the morning is great and can help with a little pick me up but look at your sleep, your nutrition, your hydration/electrolytes, and get some sun.

10) High protein diets aren’t bad for your kidneys. That’s weak talk unless you have poor kidney function. Eating a high protein diet will help you feel full and build lean muscle. Aim for 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day.

11) Carbs and fat aren’t making you fat. Too many calories and not enough exercise is making you fat.

12) You Shouldn’t eat after 7pm or 8pm or whatever time Joe Bro told you. Everyone’s schedule is different. Eating a heavy meal right before bed may affect sleep quality but will have no affect on your weight if it’s within your allotted calories.

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