30 Tips To Bulletproof Your Mental Health

30 tips to bulletproof your mental health:

1. Cut out alcohol

2. Do hard things daily

3. Get more sun

4. 90 second cold shower daily

5. Delay gratification

6. Eat more fruit and vegetables

7. Eat more protein

8. Eat less processed garbage

9. Talk to friends daily

10. Workout daily

11. Lift weights 3-4x per week

12. Spend as little time on social media as possible

13. Don’t be so hard on yourself

14. Don’t sweat the small stuff

15. Laugh more

16. Cut out toxic people

17. Set goals and take action

18. Focus on your purpose

19. Improve your love life

20. Don’t compare yourself to others

21. Be true to your core

22. Act with integrity

23. Never lie or cheat

24. Travel more

25. Find meaningful work

26. Make more time for yourself

27. Help others

28. Take action

29. Look for the positives not negatives

30. Prioritize your fitness. Fitness will improve every aspect of your life.

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