19.1 is. . .


The Open is here!


CrossFit HQ has changed some things if you didn’t know. They’ve pulled back their media dept. to the point of firing nearly everyone, and the new initiative is health. Actually that’s not quite accurate. They’ve always been a global fitness movement focused on health, but last year they released an initiative called “CrossFit Health” that aims to get much more involved in the medical community. As far as I know, it’s been very positive thus far.


The changes to the games season and the open structure are what they are. For most people, it doesn’t affect them. Things change, and my hope is that we see less people doing ‘cool’ workouts that they find on the internet that isn’t for them; they’re for the .000001% that are going to make the CrossFit Games. That’s right- workouts that will improve health & body composition or the stuff that most of us truly want are different than the workouts for the Sport of CrossFit. 


No one really knows what The Open or CrossFit Games is going to look like in 5 years. It could be pretty cool or it could be a bomb.


Either way, it’s too early tell.


There’s a group on Facebook called “CrossFit Affiliate Owners” that even on a good day is a bit of a sh*t show. Years and years ago it wasn’t so bad- but with all the growth there are so many people in there now. And remember, it’s an affiliate model. People aren’t running their businesses the same way. And when people have differing opinions on Facebook….well enough said.


People are up in arms and talking about de-affiliating. “Where’s my $$$ going!? Can someone PLEASE tell me what they are doing?”


They’re upset and fighting with one another. Very few are actually putting forth solutions.


Over in the Two Brain group- where I’ve been getting coaching & mentoring since 2017, the conversation is completely different.


Chris Cooper- the founder of Two Brain, has actually been scooping up some of the released CrossFit Media team. Sean Woodland, the voice of the CrossFit Games is narrating his next audiobook and released a video with us on how to run a great intramural open.


We’re ready. We’ve planned ahead. Our open has been about the Intramural Open now for 6 years.


The team is organized. Shirts are in. Some friendly trash talking has been going on for weeks. People are excited, just like any other year.


I hope you are too. We’re focused on YOU, not the happenings of CrossFit HQ or The Sport of CrossFit. 


Not that many would have been around for it, but in 2011 there was this new thing called “The Open”. No one really knew what it would look like. There was no announcement that first year- we all just went to the games site at 8pm and refreshed until we saw the workout.


Some people complained. Others didn’t.


That’s just life. I know which side I want to be on.


The bigger picture of all of this is that unbeknownst to these ‘up-in-arms’ owners and coaches, some lady is going to walk into their gyms over the next couple days that just lost her husband 6 months ago to a long battle with cancer. She’s not taken great care of herself for months, slipped into depression, and NEEDS to feel good. She needs to be lifted up and taught how to feel good through exercise again. She doesn’t know it, but the gym could save her life.


Or the gentleman that walks in. He’s overweight- and more than just a little. He’s been denying it for years- but he’s in pain. More than just aches and pains of getting older. Everything hurts all the time. He’s let himself go and when we ask him “where do you see yourself in 6 months?” he says “if I don’t do something about the direction I’m headed, probably dead.”


I’m ready and prepared to take care of those people and YOU all while running a great event in the gym!


I’m not focused on circular conversations and upset about things I can’t change. 


I know which side I’m on.


These next 5 weeks are going to be AWESOME.



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