Are You Welcoming Chronic Disease Into Your Life?

A chronic disease is defined as a disease that persists for a long time, lasting longer than 3 months. Chronic diseases generally CANNOT be cured by medication nor do they just disappear. The top 3 contributing factors to chronic diseases are lack of physical activity, poor eating habits, and tobacco use.


  • Chronic disease is responsible for 70% of deaths in the US.
  • 90% of healthcare dollars are spent on chronic disease.
  • 75% of the US population is considered overweight.
  • 60% of US adults have at least one chronic disease.
  • 40% have two or more chronic diseases.
  • 30% of US adults are obese and this number is rising.

Arthritis and related conditions are the leading cause of disability in the US affecting nearly 43 million Americans. Regular exercise offers a host of benefits to people with arthritis by reducing joint pain and stiffness, building strong muscle around the joints, and increasing flexibility and endurance.

Cardiovascular disease is a growing concern in the US. Heart Disease is the nation’s leading cause of death. Three health-related behaviors–tobacco use, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition–contribute to heart disease. Modifying these behaviors is critical for both preventing and controlling heart disease.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US. Cancer is largely controllable through prevention, early detection, and treatment. Reducing the nation’s cancer burden requires reducing the prevalence of the BEHAVIORAL and environmental factors that increase cancer risk. Lack of physical activity, low fruit and vegetable intake, a low-fiber diet, obesity, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use all contribute to the risk of cancer.


Diabetes is a serious, costly, and increasingly common chronic disease. Early detection, improved delivery of care, and better self-management are the key strategies for preventing much of the burden of diabetes. More than 100 million US adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes. There is a reason why type 2 diabetes is commonly referred to as “Adult Onset Diabetes”. It has everything to do with lifestyle!

Obesity among adults has doubled since 1980. People who are obese or overweight are at increased risk for every single disease except bone disease. 

Exercise more, eat better, get adequate sleep, properly manage stress, stay positive, and be happy. 

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