Arthritis Isn’t A Death Sentence

“Arthritis isn’t a scary thing, it’s a normal part of aging that happens to all of us like wrinkles.” – Doctor of Physical Therapy, Strength & Conditioning Specialist Dr. Ashley Mak.

The definition of arthritis is inflammation and stiffness of joints. 

Inflammation can be reduced. And so can joint stiffness. Not always, but oftentimes there are some lifestyle modifications that can help.

Yes, this can and typically does get worse with age (but it also typically gets worse with inactivity). 

No, this is not a death sentence.

Here are some healthy lifestyle modifications that can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis, inflammation, and joint pain:

1. Following an anti-inflammatory diet that is high in protein, fruits, and vegetables, and lower in processed foods and sugar.

2. Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. I’m more of a 6-7 hour guy myself but the main thing isn’t the time spent in bed it’s the quality of your sleep. Your body recovers from the rigors of life when you sleep so more high-quality sleep will typically help with recovery and inflammation.

3. Limit alcohol intake. This one is tricky because there may be some research on a glass of red wine having some heart health and anti-inflammatory properties but alcohol undoubtedly affects your sleep and most importantly your body’s ability to get deep sleep. I admittedly need to look into the latest research on the benefits of red wine so don’t start drinking it just yet and you definitely don’t need a bottle a night!

4. Work on mobility, flexibility, and strength. At One Life we use a specific and strategic range of motion and strength assessment to find limitations and imbalances that can be contributing to our pain experience. We can then come up with a plan to increase range of motion and specific strength which typically provides relief all while building lean muscle, burning body fat, and improving overall health and fitness.

Other methods that could help with arthritis or joint pain are cold and heat exposure like cold showers, ice baths, sauna, chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, breathwork, meditation, and reducing stress.

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