Challenges. Embrace Them. Conquer Them.


Challenges. Embrace Them. Conquer Them.

Are you a person who celebrates a challenge and what you’ll gain by facing it, or are you someone who celebrates the difficulty a challenge presents and how you feel about it?


So many people focus on the difficulty or discomfort that arises from action. “I hate burpees” or “O.M.G. we did sooo many sprints today!”


Why? It doesn’t do anything for you. The reason we do hard things is to reach a goal. Focus on that instead. “I’m glad we did burpees today, I know I need to get better at them!” “Lunges were great today, I know they’ll help my squat”


You’ll be happier. You’ll enjoy the process more. You’ll inspire others and show them what success looks and sounds like.


It’s hard. I do it sometimes and I’m sure you do too. Let’s all try and do better.


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