Gift Yourself Health This Holiday Season


Gift Yourself Health This Holiday Season.

It’s the holiday season – the time where we reflect on what we are grateful for and give gifts to those that are important to us. But what about yourself? The holiday season can also be a time of stress – shopping, traveling, cooking, cleaning, spending money, and before you know it, you can’t wait for it all to be over.

So this year, do a little something for yourself to de-stress and help your own well being. 

Give Yourself A Break
Set aside some of that ME time that we’ve talked about and do something just for you. Get a massage, go see that movie you’ve been wanting to get to or get a cup of coffee at your favorite shop. I get it, schedules can be hectic, but pencil in an hour or so for yourself to prevent and manage stress.

Give Yourself Workouts
You may think you’re too busy this time of year to fit in some gym time but nothing helps with stress more than a good old workout. A 30 to 60-minute workout will not only help send an endorphin rush to combat stress but it’ll increase your energy too. Not to mention, you won’t feel as guilty enjoying the holiday treats. 

Give Yourself Health
Speaking of holiday treats, nothing makes us feel worse than overeating or loading up on sugar and fat. Poor diet results in increased stress and fatigue. Look, this is definitely the time to indulge a little but pick which foods are really worth it and let’s keep everything in moderation, your body and mind will thank you.

Remember, smiles are contagious but so is stress. Take care of yourself this time of year and everyone around you will be happier for it!

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