Margherita’s Story In Her Own Words

“Last year was one of those “Big” birthdays. The one where people remark how your body just goes downhill from there. I started to think about the past 50 (yes it was that one) years and realized that I have not put my health as a priority.

In the past I have gone the usual route of dieting and exercising on my own, never getting the results I wanted consistently. It wasn’t until a moment one dreads to hear, a diagnosis of cancer that forever changed my life’s path. I fought the most difficult fight and I am a survivor, but you can’t just put that in your pocket and continue on like before. There is a link to being overweight and an increased risk of getting cancer, and even more so, a higher chance for cancer to reoccur. That was the statistic that scared me the most. I knew at that time I needed to focus on my health and lose weight.

After I finished chemotherapy and regained my strength, I concentrated on my health and looked to find a gym where I would feel comfortable working out. I was cautious about going to just any trainer. I worried I could get easily injured because of constant pain from scoliosis and stenosis. If the trainer wasn’t knowledgeable about specific training for those conditions I could be out of the gym for a significant amount of time. In fear, I stopped looking for a place to workout. Instead, I started taking other types of classes to explore my creative side like jewelry making at Garvies Point with Kathleen DiResta. Every Wednesday at jewelry class, Kathleen would talk about how she had just gotten out of a CrossFit class, how great she felt afterward, how the trainers were excellent and how they gave you alternative movements if you needed it. This wasn’t a coincidence and it got me to thinking; maybe I should try this place. She gave me Tim’s email and encouraged me to contact him. That night I wrote Tim an email and the next day I started my journey at CrossFit One Life. Tim was attentive, knowledgeable, kind, and I finally felt comfortable at a gym, like I was in the right place, with the right people. I was fortunate to work with each trainer the first few weeks and Jon (Batman) became my private coach. It was not an easy start. I was 120 lbs overweight, the only exercise I had done was walking, but my conditioning was nowhere near where it should be. Jon was easy to talk to, hilarious, so supportive and encouraged me every session that I could do this. With each movement, making sure my form was correct, he convinced me I would get stronger, more flexible and would have better balance. He was right! Like conquering cancer, I used the same determination and with the constant support from Jon, I am reaching goals I never thought I could accomplish. 

Next was my diet. I would have gladly combined the workout and nutrition program that CrossFit One Life offers, but my oncologist wanted me under the care of their nutritionist and to follow a specific diet (not that different from the One Life Nutrition program). Again, through the support of Jon, Tim, and the Crossfit One Life family, I have lost 50 lbs. total and have gained muscle, stamina, and so much confidence. I feel like a new person. I can climb stairs with more ease, have more energy, and feel more alive than ever before. CrossFit One Life is a family with the most supportive trainers and members. I still have a ways to go, but with the training and support I receive at CrossFit One Life I have big goals that I know I will reach and surpass.”


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