Our Workouts Are “LIT”

When we say intent, we mean that there’s a reason for what we do, and a clear, explainable, logical method to attain a specific result. 

Fundamentally, intent is about energy systems, and sensations. Energy Systems (ES) map out how the body uses various fuels (ATP, Sugar, Fat) for activity, while sensation is the way the activity is perceived by the conscious mind. They are directly related, and by identifying the sensation, we can understand what ES is being used, which tells us how effectively our method is achieving the intent. The primary question is: “How did the workout feel?” 

In relation to programming, intent is about the result or adaptation you’re looking for.  As coaches, we identify the desired outcome, and relate this in an understandable way. We identify work that elicits the desired result, and we match this work with its predictable and necessary sensation. In other words, we leverage our understanding of energy systems. Energy systems are understandable and identifiable, because of how they make us feel.   

Doing a workout in a certain way will produce a predictable sensation.  It can take a while to learn this.  So, a specific sensation implies a specific stimulus, which produces a specific adaptation, which leads to a specific result (hitting a goal).

This is why the intent and stimulus we’re looking for in each workout matters. If you want a specific result like building lean muscle, you need a specific stimulus such as lifting heavy weights, which helps create an adaptation, and leads to the goal.

Intent matters and that’s why at One Life we’re intentional with everything that we do.

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