Are You Making Your Health A Priority?

Even though most people know that they should be making their health a priority, not everyone does. Between work, family, friends, kids and busy schedules, too often, focusing on our personal health falls to the bottom of the list.

People know they should eat vegetables, they know they should exercise, and they know they should drink more water, but that doesn’t mean that they always do it.

I’m often asked how I do it? How do I find time for the gym? How do I find time to eat well? And how do I find time to shop and cook? 


Despite the daily grind of owning and running a business, family obligations with a wife and 17-month old twins, and my never-ending to-do list it is possible to make your health a priority without it feeling like a chore.

No, it’s not easy but in my mind, there is no alternative. WE ONLY GET ONE BODY! I take care of mine not only for myself, but for my family, for my friends, for my current clients, and for all of the future people that I want to help.

Without my health, I’m no good to anyone and neither are you. It sounds harsh, but it’s the truth and comes from a place of love.

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